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Angel's Touch Therapy

During an Angel's Touch Bodywork session, angelic energy is evoked through crystals, celestial music, Reiki, and light touch bodywork.  This session is good for those looking for some tender loving care through healing touch without muscular manipulation.  It is a space to connect to your intuition, spiritual guides, and heart space.  

~Relax into an angel's embrace where all is forgiven~

Benefits of Angel's Touch Bodywork:


  • light touch helps to activate the lymphatic system and detoxify the body

  • improve circulation

  • calm the nervous system

  • lower blood pressure


  • release mental & emotional blockages

  • stress and anger relief

  • calm an overactive mind

  • feel cared for


  • nourish the soul

  • activate heart space and higher chakras

  • connect to your higher self/spiritual guides

  • experience sense of peace, forgiveness, warmth, spaciousness, and clarity