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"My first session with Sacred Scarab Healing was truly transformative. They created a safe space for me to feel relaxed, secure and able to address some key areas in my body that have been in the way of my evolution and spiritual growth. I am grateful to have found such authentic and talented healers." ~Rob P.

"Omar has a deep, intuitive understanding of the energy fields that course through our bodies. He is able to heal and vitalize by tapping into these energies through his healing hands and calm presence." ~Dagen J.

Thank you so much to all our clients who shared their experiences with Sacred Scarab Healings!

"Nava is a gifted healer. She is gracious and truly puts her heart into her work. I felt that I was in a safe space with someone who had the ability and skills to convey the true meaning of Tantra. Her massage skills are impressive and she does a wonderful job of conveying healing power, nourishing both my body and my spirit. She also takes a devotional approach--honoring the goddess and helping her client to find the goddess within. I felt respected and honored and very much look forward to my next session with this remarkable young woman." ~Patrick G.

"The atmosphere was excellent, and Nava is an excellent teacher. She is informative, patient and works with the individual. Nava continually researches her field and shares what she learns with her students. Yoga with Nava was always a wonderful experience." ~Karen

Omar's bodywork offering is a gift of pure love. His ability to communicate with the intelligence of my body and his reverence for Spirit creates a space that allows my healing to emerge naturally. I feel open, reinvigorated and present after receiving massage from Omar. Highly recommended. ~Katie K.

Nava and Omar are quite the team.
Nava's Thai yoga sessions are powerful - she has an intuitive knowledge of the body backed up with some serious technique. She always knows how to get just the right spots to help release stress and tension. I daresay that this physical massage has energetic vibes as well - I felt it not only in my muscles, but an opening in my chakras and a feeling of energetic release for several days after a session.
Omar is a great compliment for this work. His depth of knowledge in all things spiritual (crystals, meditation, yoga) is only paralleled by his care and devotion. When you work with him, you are sure to have some serious results!!!
I would recommend Sacred Scarab to anyone who is looking for a truly holistic healing experience. ~Yossef Sagi

Nava is amazing! I fell into a state of deep relaxation instantaneously. This was my first experience with Thai Yoga massage and I will keep coming back for more. The technique provides deep stretching and tension relief. Nava is my go to for massage from now on!

~Chad M.

"I took a yoga class for age 50 and older with Nava. Mostly beginners. She did a fantastic job of introducing us to yoga at a gradual comfortable pace. I loved this class because she was attentive to our needs. Another positive for me was the variety of techniques Nava is familiar with which made the classes interesting. For example, she might throw in an acroyoga session or Feldenkrais. She can tweak a class as needed for your interests! Plus, she helped fix a back ache I had which, both the physical therapist and the chiropractor had not successfully done. Thank you so much Nava!" ~Beth S.

"Fair price, on time, flexible schedule, extremely knowledgeable and skilled in Thai yoga massage." ~Al P.

"Very easy set up with Nava, all by email. I have been away from the Tantric massage for over a year now. Nava rekindled the energy I have been lacking." ~Lv 4.

"Intensive Thai yoga session with personal attention and extremely relaxing." ~Jo Hee